Abhishek Gowda, Founder

About Our Company

Who We Are

Speedtail Xpress Offers supply chain solutions across major cities; Reputed clients (Amazon, Udaan, Furlenco etc.)
White goods supply chain solutions in Bengaluru, Chandigarh, and Delhi-NCR.
Maintains and operates hub / last mile stations at various cities fulfilling the client’s safety and operating protocols and constantly improvising and suggesting out of the box solutions to create value.
Reverse pickups of buy back products, and logistics of products bought back to required partners.
Handling cash and customer returns.

Responsible for installation services in Delhi, Bangalore, and Chandigarh.
Offers Station Less Service Partner (SLSP) services by facilitating direct pick-ups from the FC and their LMD to end household customer thereby reducing operating costs for clients.
Middle mile logistics between facilitation centre and individual hubs of Amazon with a dedicated owned fleet of 52 vehicles.
Cargo handling of e-commerce shipments across airports, primarily receiving and unloading cargo from ground transportation vehicle; receiving cargo from airlines/ co-loaders; segregation of cargo.